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IFK Göteborg

Club & Town:
Inhabitants of the town (Göteborg): 1 070 000
Region: Göteborg
League: 1st league
Founded: 1904
Stadium: Gamla Ullevi (18 000)
Average crowd: 14 688
Stand: Kommandobryggan
Colours: Blue and white
Supporter associations: Supporterklubben Änglarna 1973

Active scene:

Ultras: Ultras Göteborg 2005 with youth group Yngre Generationen, Supras Göteborg 2004
Hools: Wisemen and youth group Gothenburg Youth Firm
Other groups: Sektion Oslo, Oktoberkamraterna, Brown Bombers, Cliffhangerz, Göteborgs Fria Kamrater, Brigaden
Friends: Ultras Göteborg and Ultras Nürnberg
Enemies: AIK, GAIS, Örgryte, Malmö, Hammarby, Djurgården


The only Swedish club to win a European title, and after Malmö the most successful club domestically. IFK are definitely a massive club and one of the big five even though they have been bad on the pitch for a few years now. By far the biggest club in Gothenburg and they view AIK as their biggest rivals although the games against Örgryte and especially GAIS are still hot. The ultras movement started with Ultra Bulldogs in 1997, making them the oldest ultra group in Sweden outside of Hammarby. They merged with two other groups, West Coast Angelz and Young Lions, in 2005 to form UG who are currently the leading group. The IFK ultras have always been quality at choreos especially and there are quite a few smaller active groups that are not ultras but still provide good visual support. Also a scene that is very good at graffiti.

The firm was the first big one to develop outside of Stockholm. Wisemen have been a top firm for quite a few years now and have defeated quite a few strong international groups. Maybe a bit weaker now compared to a few years ago when they were the unquestioned #1, but still one of the best in Scandinavia. UG has a strong friendship with Ultras Nürnberg for quite some time now. IFK travel in good numbers, are loyal despite current bad results, and they probably have the top scene outside Stockholm.


Club & Town:

Inhabitants of the town (Göteborg): 1 070 000
Region: Göteborg
League: 2nd league
Founded: 1887
Stadium: Gamla Ullevi (18 000)
Average crowd: 1 901
Colours: Red and blue
Supporter associations: Balders Hage

Active scene:

Ultras: Inferno Örgryte 2005
Friends: IÖ with North Winners Schaffhausen
Enemies: IFK Göteborg, GAIS


The dominant club when football came to Sweden in the late 19th century, Örgryte has 12 national titles which is tied for fourth most, but only one in the last 100 years. During the last 15 years they have really been struggling, and even went bankrupt. They have been moving between the second and third division in that time. They used to have a large amount of normal supporters but they have pretty empty stands as a result of their bad results. 

Örgryte is quite clearly the third team in Gothenburg after IFK and GAIS (and might be surpassed by Häcken soon), but their main group Inferno Örgryte is however showing very good mentality despite the struggles. They travel everywhere and use pyro in most games, have good visual support, and even when most normal fans have stopped they are still very active. Not as good on the street as the other two traditional teams in the city, they used to have a hool group called Red Fans Klan which is no longer active, however some sort of new group has appeared and fought in the forest against Elfsborg earlier this year. Another scene that definitely deserves to be in the top league.


Club & Town:
Inhabitants of the town (Göteborg): 1 070 000
Region: Göteborg
League: 2nd league
Founded: 1894
Stadium: Gamla Ullevi (18 000)
Average crowd: 2 338
Colours: Green and black
Supporter associations: Gårdakvarnen

Active scene:

Ultras: GAIS Tifo 2006
Hools: Skogspatrullen
Other Groups: Kirligan
Friends: Hools usually fight with Odense. Ultras friendship to BFC Dynamo (although status unclear as the BFC ultras have disbanded) and some contacts to Aberdeen.
Enemies: IFK Göteborg, Örgryte


One of the biggest scenes in Sweden outside of the Big 5. The club won some trophies in their early history but they have not had any success of note in the last 70 years. The second biggest club in Gothenburg and they have a fierce rivalry with IFK despite being a smaller scene. Have mostly played in the second division during the last years, and even went down to the third tier last year but got promoted straight away.

The leading group at the club is GAIS Tifo. They are in some aspects a quality group but over the last few years they have lost a lot of banners to Djurgården, IFK, Malmö, and even losing their home/away banner to AIK. Despite this, they have kept on existing as a group. The former hool groups were Gärningsmännen (who had a strong left tendency) and GAIS Yngre. In general, the club is a working class/hipster team that likes to romanticize their ”loser” status, and they have loyal fans despite the lack of success on the field.

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