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 Serbia – England, Gelsenkirchen 16.06.2024

There were several occasions of fights between English and Serbs in Gelsenkirchen. In one of them, the involvement of Albanians was also reported, but later it came out as not true. Earlier, Shvercerat (Albanian group) were spotted together with Birmingham fans, but the Police confirmed that during clashes there are no reports of Albanians taking action, it was done by a group of English fans. Official police reports speak of 3 injured English and 1 Serbian and more than 10 arrests, but the actual number could be higher. A lot of banners have been taken too. A small group of Zenit (Russian group) hools were also seen with the Serbians.

During one of the videos, Danilo Vučić, the son of the Serbian president, is seen wrestling with his bodyguards speculated to be a military special unit “Cobra”, as he attempts to join a clash with English fans in Gelsenkirchen ahead of the Serbia-England game. Danilo is known for his links with Serbian ultras, extremist groups and criminal underground same as his father.

PHOTOS before the match:





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