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Club & Town: Inhabitants of the town (Helsingborg): 150 000
Region: Skåne
League: 2nd league
Founded: 1907
Stadium: Olympia (16 000)
Average crowd: 7 846
Colours: Red and blue
Supporter association: Supporterklubben Kärnan

Active scene:

Ultras: Helsingborgskompaniet, Skånepågarna (former groups: Bortom Sans, Ultras Helsingborg)
Hools: High Potentials (former groups: Frontline and Helsingborgs Yngre)
Other groups: Sundsbusarna, Södra Stå 1985
Friends: Ultras are friends with Union Bears. Former friendship to FCK not active anymore. Contacts to Velez Mostar
Enemies: Malmö, Landskrona, Djurgården, AIK, Hammarby, IFK Göteborg


Helsingborg are a traditionally successful team that have also been good at drawing crowds. One of two big Scanian clubs with Malmö. About 10 years ago, their team was one of the best in Sweden, but now they are really bad and are at risk of being relegated to the 3rd league. Just like Djurgården and to some extent GAIS, they have traditionally had a more British style of support, with an emphasis on casual culture and a refusal to use a drum. They still stick to this mentality and have a friendship with Rangers. The ultras scene started with Bortom Sans who were at first not very accepted in a fanscene that traditionally has looked down on ultra style support. There was also a strong friendship with FCK back in the day. Following the death of a normal Djurgården fan in Helsingborg in 2014, the fanscene went into crisis. The friendship with FCK ended, and Bortom Sans dissolved. They were eventually replaced by Ultras Helsingborg who lost their away banner to Hammarby and ended up dissolving as well. 

Despite being bad on the pitch for the last few years, the scene is experiencing a renaissance with new groups HK and SP. The stadium was rebuilt a few years ago and their new stand is better for organizing support. They don’t have as many fans as their arch-rival Malmö, and are not very good at choreos (although they are definitely improving), but they are strong on the street (in fact, perhaps stronger than Malmö). They don’t usually travel in large numbers but are still pretty active on away games, and whenever one of the big teams plays in Helsingborg, there is almost always action. Quite clearly the ”best of the rest” behind the top five teams and a scene that definitely deserves to be in the top division. 

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