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Hannover 96

Club & Town:

Inhabitants of the town: 523.000
federal state: Lower Saxon
Current League: 2.Bundesliga
club members: 21.000
Stadium: Niedersachsenstadion (49.200 places)
Stand: Nordkurve (8.000 Standing places)
Colors: black, White, green & red

Ultra scene:

current active Groups:  West Hannover, Passion & Pride, Komplott Hannovera 1998, Gruppe Unterrang (with Sek. NRÜ), Ensemble, Verrückte Meute, Treuer Norden 2006,  Wilde Davenstedter Jungs, Roter Infarkt, Bückeburger Jungs, Mitte 96, Linden Society, Hiltown, Lausbuben Hannover, Leintal Lads

Hools: Hools Hannover (third Generation) , Freundeskreis Hannover (second Generation), Rote Wölfe Hannover (First Generation/inactive), Royal Riot (dissolved)

current not active/ dissolved Groups: Brigade Nord 1999 & their youth Group Kamikaze, Rising Boys Hannover, Ultras Hannover 2000, Dudes

Friends: Old brotherhood Hannover-Hamburg-Bielefeld, but current only between normal fans, Fanclubs & some Hools. Hannover Ultras have a friendship to Hamburg Süd (HSV). Ultras Hannover with strong contacts to Hertha BSC, Freundeskreis to Alte Garde (Rapid Wien / Austria). West Hannover, P&P, GU have a friendship to Ultras Nord (AIK Stockholm / Sweden), West Hannover with Contacts to Halle

Enemies: Main Enemy is Braunschweig, others are Bremen & St.Pauli.

Today more apolitical (more conservative) Scene


Ultra-oriented Groups like Komplott Hannovera, Brigade Nord, Roter Infarkt & Verrückte Meute closed in the year 2000 to Ultras Hannover together.
Brigade Nord left the UH, after personal disputes & difficult views About tifo, mentality, ec. in the Stadium.
They stood in the first Floor, UH & Rest of the fanscene in the second.

Since years the whole fan scene fight against Martin Kind, the club president & Investor of Hannover 96 & one of the worst guys in german Football.

2014, Brigade Nord lost their away flag to Dortmund.
After that, BN split & parts of the made the Group “Streunende Köter” who changed their name after a bit of time in Gruppe Unterrang. They are a apolitical Group & have good Connections to UH, in contrast to BN.

BN lost 2016 some stuff to Braunschweig & so they dissolved themselves.

2018, RBH was kicked out of the fan scene & stand, after some of them take part in a political Demo.
In the Last days; Ultras Hannover (as a Group for all Ultras) was official dissolved, also the subgroups Dudes & Mitte 96 stopped their activities. In the UH there were some disputes About the RBH, internal Things, ec.

Today the Leading Groups are West Hannover, Komplott, GU & P&P

Overall a nice and important scene in Germany and Europe wise.

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