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Hamburg is one of the biggest German cities and where one of the most heated rivalry is based. Hamburg has 2 teams with a big fan base Hamburger SV and St.Pauli

Hamburger SV

Club & Town:
Inhabitants of the town: 1.810.000
federal state: Hamburg
members: 78.000
Stadium: Volksparkstadion (57.000 places)
Stand: Nordtribüne Hamburg (10.000 places)
Colours: blue, black & white


Active groups: Castaways Hamburg 2016 (with Sektion Schleswig Holstein & TurnUp ) , Clique du Nord 2017/HH-Ost/Glinde 509, Hamburg Süd, Iron Loyalty Hamburg (with Vorstadtbande), Forza 2019, Banda Caotica 2019

Other very active (no clearly Ultra groups) groups: Sektion Nord, Dock 87, Nordhessen, Section 22c, Holsten Crew, Bierige Banditen, ec.

Hools: Hamburg Riot Crew “HRC” (third Generation), Hamburg Ultras 1989 (second Generation & inactive), Löwen Hamburg 1976 (First Generation & inactive)

dissolved Ultra groups: Chosen Few Hansestadt Hamburg (C.F.H.H.) 1999, Poptown Hamburg 1998, Zaungäste Pinneberg, Loyal Boys, Outsiders Hamburg 2005

friends:  whole fanscene with Brotherhood to Glasgow Rangers (Scotland).
active Fanscene have a friendship to Urban Crew/Section 12 (1. FC Kopenhagen / Denmark), Castaways with friendship to UKL from VFB Lübeck.
Hamburg Süd to West Hannover (Hannover 96)

The old brotherhood Hamburg-Hannover-Bielefeld lost a lot of his importance. Between Cowls & Normal Fans of the three clubs still exist the friendship.

In the last years Hooligans of Kopenhagen & HSV act often as one Group (KBHSV)

enemies: main enemies are Werder Bremen & FC St. Pauli.

First Hool group was Löwen Hamburg 1976, Famous for their brutality and problems with the law, today they still exist but not as active as in the past. After them came Hamburg Ultras 1989. They call themselves Ultras, but they acted as normal Hools in the 1990ties & 2000ties.
First real Ultra group were the Poptown in the year 1998. One year later was Chosen Few founded.
At the beginning all Ultras stood together in the first Floor of the Nordtribüne, later Chosen Few moved on the 3.Floor and started to form a Supporter section over there (22c).
This Section exist until now, but Chosen Few dissolved themselves 2015, so there current is no leading group in this section.

In 2016 some Ex-CFHH members, Sections and new people started with the Groups “Castaways Hamburg”.
In 2017 Clique du Nord became the third group in the Ultra scene.
In 2019 Poptown dissolved themselves.
Also new Groups (Forza, Banda) started.
The Leading Groups are Castaways &Clique/HH Ost.


FC St. Pauli

Club & Town;
Inhabitants (Hamburg): 1.800.000
federal state: Hamburg
club members: 35.000
current League: 2.Bundesliga
stadium: Stadion am Millerntor (29.500 places)
stand (Ultras): Südkurve
colors: brown, red, white

Ultra scene:

Ultra Sankt Pauli 2002 (USP), with many subgroups like Szenario Kaos, Enfantes Terrible, Bogeys, Smiley Faces, Hinchas, Wilder Westen, u.a.

independent Ultra group: Sankt Pauli Mafia (still active?)

dissolved groups: New Kids St. Pauli, Passanten

Hools: Rotsport, Warriorz (part of Rotsport now), Reisegruppe Kiez (inactive / dissolved)

friends: USP/Ultras to Schickeria München (Bayern München), FI / Nordkurve (SV Babelsberg), IY/CAL (Werder Bremen), Orginal 21 (AEK Athen / Greece), Ternana (Italy), Forever (Bergamo /Italy), Ultras Inferno (Standart Liege / Belgia), contacts to many left wing scenes
Skinheads to Commando Ultra (Marseille / France).

Normal fans to Celtic Glasgow (Scotland), Older Cawls to Köln

enemies: main enemy are Hamburger SV and Rostock, others are Lübeck, Kiel, Hannover, Braunschweig, Dresden, Köln (between Ultras), Frankfurt, ec.


The Hype with St. Pauli started in the last 1980ties and 1990ties, when the (strong in Hamburg) left wing scene became more interested in football.

The Ultra-movement started with Passanten 1996.
Carpe Diem was a Co-founder of the Ultras Sankt Pauli 2002.

Other active groups were/are Mafia and New Kids.
New Kids at some point stole all the flags from Kiel Ultras.

But USP & the Club didn´t want this (more violent) Movement and decided to block them from the south stand.

Today ex-NKSP, Warriorz and others form the new Group Rotsport, which is more a Hool group.

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