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Yesterday Manchester City played Huddersfield on the 3rd round of FA Cup and Citizens won 5-0, but it seems some Huddersfield fans didn’t take it so well and attacked a few young Manchester City fans who weren’t even looking for a fight.

In the video that we will show you, there are some Manchester City fans who are literally kids and raising their hands up and telling Huddersfield fans to end it because they want no trouble, but it doesn’t seem to matter for them as they continue to hit them.

One of the young Manchester City fans seems to be hurt by the blows and he can be seen bleeding and tries to hide his face from the blows. Truly a disgusting act that does no good to the scene, fighting people who don’t want to fight is always a cowardice act.

Here’s the disturbing video:

2 thoughts on “Huddersfield fans attack young Manchester City fans on a tram.

  1. Absolutely disgusting
    Cant I take My little girl to football anymore in fear of being attacked just because I support a different team 🤔

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