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Disrupt the Ferencváros championship celebration? The supporters of Debrecen and Diósgyőr are looking forward to that. Now that friendship between the clubs has been restored, they are heading to the capital together for a wonderful away day. I receive an invitation and join the field.

In November 2022, the friendship between Debreceni VSC (DVSC) and Diósgyőri VTK (DVTK) was reborn and the supporter groups are working together again. ‘ The East of Hungary is red and white!’ , is the message from both sides during the Diósgyőr derby against the common ‘enemy’ Nyíregyháza Spartacus. At the end of May, Diósgyőr has now been crowned champion of the second level and is back in the competition with Debrecen. They themselves still play for European football and will meet Ferencváros on the last matchday. A sold-out stadium is waiting because the green and white will celebrate the 22/23 championship. Enough reason for DVSC and DVTK to join forces for an away day in the capital Budapest: Ferencváros – Debrecen.


Away day in Budapest

I receive an invitation from Diósgyőr supporters to join the away day and of course I don’t have to think twice about it. No strange restrictions, combination arrangements or exchange places. None of that exists in Hungary. Despite the rivalry that Debrecen and Ferencváros have with each other, as a resident of Budapest I can simply walk to the away section. In fact, I’ve been to almost all of Ferencváros’ home games this season and they have my fingerprints, a photo of me and my personal details all in the system. Fradi is the only club in the country that goes this far in invading the privacy of its supporters. Still, I can get a ticket for the away section without any problems, via Ferencváros’ own website(!).

At the away section I meet the Diósgyőr supporters, and we enter the cage together to be locked up for hours. DVSC and DVTK have the large branch quite full, a three-hour journey clearly has not hindered them. The rest of the stadium is sold out and in a party mood to celebrate the 34th national title. It’s up to the red and white to disrupt that. Before kick-off, as usual, an eagle flies to the center spot and all the successes of the record champion are shown on the screens. The competition had already been played since the winter break with a huge lead over the pursuers. Yet PhD student Kecskeméti TE still came close, within six points. If Debrecen wins today, it will be qualified for European football.


The match between Ferencváros and Debrecen takes place on a beautiful afternoon full of sunshine. In the away section everything is done vocally to shout DVSC to a victory. Flags are flying, banners are going up ( F–k TV, go to the Stadium ) and Diósgyőr’s friends are also joining in. Although Fradi does not look sharp, he does take a 1-0 lead. But when DVSC plays towards the away section in the second half, the team completely turns the match upside down. Top scorer Dorian Babunski scores two goals in four minutes: the away section explodes and supporters fall over each other. European football appears on the horizon.  The singing starts and supporters show how much they hate Ferencváros. When the 1-3 is scored a little later, the party is complete and Europe is finally in. In the lion’s den, Debrecen shows the whole of Hungary that they are a great power again. Players come to the fences of the away section and celebrate the victory with the supporters. By the way, neither the goalkeeper nor captain Dzsudzsák are among them. Both were taken away on a stretcher in the second half due to violent clashes with Fradists. Under the guise of safety, we are kept in the away section until almost an hour after the final whistle. But hey, no one cares: Fradi ‘s championship celebration has been disrupted and Loki is back at the top of Hungary. What a wonderful away day.

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