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As many of you know, Rome has 2 big teams, S.S. Lazio and AS Roma and there are always debates on every local derby about which team has a bigger and better fan base, well we are here to tell you what kind of information we got on that, of course not judging who is better because that’s subjective, but the number of fans can be measured.

From our research we learned that situation in Rome is somewhere close to 65% Roma and 35% Lazio while just outside the city (Lazio is the name of the region with its capital Rome) there are more Lazio fans than Roma (60% vs 40%).

Roma areas are South and East with a strong presence in some of the historical and popular quarter of Rome like San Lorenzo, Testaccio, Garbatella, Primavalle and Quadraro. Lazio has its strongest fanbase in the North areas both in the working class suburbs (San Basilio, Fidene, Tufello, Bologna) and the richest quarter (Parioli, Trieste, Balduina, Flaminio, Nomentano) of the city and of course in the surrounding city/village. West and City center are equally divided (maybe with a little bit more Roma).

The map that we will show you is the result of research undertaken by Filippo Celata, a professor of economic geography and the method used was the same as survey systems that apply to the elections and took into consideration data on likes, comments, clicks, search terms of users as well as advertising on social networks.

Here is the map:

Judging by the map it seems that there is no area inside the city where Lazio is dominant, as explained above it seems that outskirts belong to Lazio and the inner parts of the city belong to Roma, anyway this makes the derby even more interesting and Rome derby is considered one of the most fierce in Italy and the whole world.

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