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In Copenhagen, there is a big rivalry between Brøndby IF and FC København, basically these 2 teams dominate Copenhagen and Denmark when it comes to the number of fans.

Brøndby is a suburb of Copenhagen with many people from the lower and lower middle class, while FC Copenhagen is in a nice area of Copenhagen. There are loads of stereotypes about each fan group. Brøndby fans are often called things like “welfare recipients”, and other things related to the lower class. Brøndby fans often makes fun of FC Copenhagen for being a glory hunters’ club, and that the club is run as a company only interested in profits (even though Brøndby also had to receive a lot of financial backing from rich investors, to prevent bankruptcy) etc.

Both of the clubs have fans from all over the country. The derbies are great, even the football has increased its quality, but the atmosphere is always on top no matter what goes on in the field. Usually the derby games are sold out. There will be big tifos, roman candles, choreographies, corteos which make this derby one of the most interesting ones in Scandinavia and Europe as well.

In terms of geography, in Copenhagen and surrounding areas, FC Copenhagen is most closely tied to the areas of Østerbro (and, in recent times, Nordhavn) and Frederiksberg, which are all more affluent areas of the city. Brøndby is closely tied with the poorer western and south-western suburbs and has a considerable amount of supporters from Jutland as well. The rest of the areas are more of a toss-up and it greatly depends on social class and family preferences. Generally, FC Copenhagen is supported by the upper and upper-middle class, whereas Brøndby is a lower and working class club. The political divide is not that clear but I would say that FC Copenhagen is more conservative/liberal/social-liberal and Brøndby is more socialist/social-democratic but you will find supporters of both from either end of the political spectrum. For a combination of the above reasons, you will also find more FC Copenhagen supporters north of Copenhagen than south. It happens that a household will be divided but it is not that common.

Brøndby was the most successful Danish club for several decades. Delivering most of the players on the Danish national team. Thus, they were supported all over Denmark, including inner city of CPH. However, they have fallen behind in the last 10-15 years. In that time, FCK has become the most successful club, as they have the biggest budget by far. Now, they are the first option for many, as they, together with FC Midtjylland has the best players and produces the best results in the league and international competitions meaning that the numbers of FCK fans have increased.

When it comes to the most hated team FCK takes the lead but when it comes to the most hated fans Brøndby takes the lead country wise.

When it comes to numbers we can say that things are pretty even so a 50%-50% could be the most correct answer but when we bring in the whole country then FCK is obviously bigger.

Here’s the map we found which might not be fully accurate:

Yellow: Brøndby IF

Blue: FC København

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