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Hooligans who brought terror to the football terraces for decades.

The sinister portraits – released ahead of Euro 2016 – are part of a series from acclaimed photographer Simon Harsent.

Colin Blainey from the Man United Red Army

Barrington ‘One-Eyed Baz’ Patterson was a leading figure with Birmingham City’s Zulu Warriors

Gary Clarke, also known as Boatsy, of the Forest Executive Crew said being part of the Nottingham club firm gave him an identity.

Carlton Leach was a member of the West Ham ICF

Reformed hooligan Ian Bailey followed Hartlepool across the country.

Jason Marriner was part of the Chelsea Headhunters.

Boatsy said that being in a firm meant you had a group of mates who stuck together through thick and thin.

Cass Pennant, formerly of West Ham’s ICF, is now a well-known writer and film maker.

Riaz Khan, of Leicester City’s Baby Squad, gained an MA in English Language and teaches at college.

Ginger Bob, of Millwall’s F-Troop, started fighting at matches when he was still in primary school.

Danny Brown of the Aston Villa C-Crew



Many of those in the exhibition have since turned their lives around.

Cass Pennant has become a particularly prolific author and publisher and is now moving into film production.

Barrington ‘One-Eyed Baz’ Patterson focused his formidable physique, passion and drive into both mixed martial arts and kickboxing and became an IKF champion.

Danny Brown took time to involve himself in youth work in schools and youth centres, while the Baby Squad’s Riaz Khan gained an MA in English Language teaching and teaches at college and university.

Gary ‘Boatsy’ Clarke’s has featured on numerous documentaries and Jason Marriner continues to make his voice heard by speaking at various events around the country.

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