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Bavaria is a football powerhouse in Europe with Bayern Munich but that doesn’t mean they take all the fans in the region of Bavaria. On this article we’ll give info on three clubs in Bavaria: FC Nürnberg, FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich.

1.FC Nürnberg

Club & Town:
Inhabitants: 515.000
federal state: Bavaria
current League: 2.Bundesliga
club members: 27.000
stadium: Max Morlock Stadion (50.000 places)
stand: Nordkurve
colors: red-black

Ultra scene:

Ultras Nürnberg 1994 (with the subgroups Fiasko, Adelsdorf) and Banda di Amici 2010 (Youth group Kaos Boys Nürnberg)

Hools: Seerosen (Oldschool), Red Devils

friends: Brotherhood with Schalke 04,
UN with Ultras Rapid (Rapid Wien / Austria), Curva Nord Brescia (Brescia Calcio / Italy), Ultras Göteburg (IFK Göteburg / Sweden), Monsters Larissa (AE Larissa / Greece). Contacts to AC Mantova (Italy).
BDA/KBN to Münchner Löwen (1860 München), BDA with contacts to Schweinfurt, to CSM Ultras/Bad Boys 87 (Monopoli Calcio /Italy)

enemies: Main enemies are Fürth, Bayern München and Frankfurt, others are Augsburg, Regensburg, Dortmund, Würzburg, u.a.



one of the bigger clubs in Germany.
Seerose was named after a pub, where the action-oriented fans were meeting.
The Ultra-movement started 1994.
UN had a member boom and became one of the biggest groups in germany.
2010 some members left the group and started Banda di Amici, who are more radicial.
so for a whille the situation in Nürnberg was difficult between the both groups, but today they work together.

KBN is the youth group of BDA and has strong connections to 1860.



TSV 1860 München

club & Town:
inhabitants: 1.500.000
federal state: Bavaria
current League:  3 League
club members: 23.000
stadium: Grünwalderstadion (15.000 places current)
stand: Westkurve
colors: blue-white

Ultra scene:

Blue Blood Fanatics 2012, Panzerknacker 2012, Comitiva 90, Sechzig im Allgäu, Münchner Freiheit, Drunkarts, Blue Boys, Sektion Woid, Münchens Jugend (Youth group)

Less activity: Chaoten 1860 (1996)

dissolved groups: Cosa Nostra 1860 (2001), Giasinga Buam 2008

Hools: Leonum 1860 (youngsters), Brigade Giesing (NS-wing), Acker Löwen (Oldschool), AFM & Service Crew (together with Bayern München)

friends: Old brotherhood with Kaiserslautern, but among the Ultras current not very active, current more with Kaos Boys Nürnberg (KBN / 1.FC Nürnberg), also to Green Lions (Rapid Wien / Austria) Leonum with Charkiw (Ukraina), ex-CN/ Comitiva to Ultras Napoli (SSC Napoli / Italy)
enemies: main enemies are Bayern München and Augsburg, others are Unterhaching, Ingolstadt, Würzburg, Mannheim, Burghausen, u.a.

always the second club in Munich, but with a better stronghold in the working class quarters and in the surrounding countryside.
Chaoten 1860 was the first ultra-oriented group 1996.

2001 many of them founded the Cosa Nostra, the first “real” Ultragroup.
2008 Giasinga Buam joined and became the leading support group, after the jordanian investor Ismaik take over a big part of the club and CN stopped for a long time their activity.

They fight a long time against the stadium (the Allianz Arena), the Investor & his friends (Power, ec.) and their own club management.
2017 they got nearly bankrupt and played in the 4th League. But finally, they came back into the Grünwalderstadion.
Current they´re in the 3. League.

2016 Giasinga Buam lost their fence flag to Bayern München. Also Cosa Nostra dissolved themselve because of internal things.

So, they founded the umbrella Organisation Münchner Löwen.  Also Panzerknacker & Blue Blood Fanatics became more important.
Comitiva 90 is more or less the same like CN.

1860 was always attractive to far-right wing / NS organizations (Kraken, 3.Weg, NPD, ec.) because of the history / recruitment of younger fans. So, they have/had their own groups like Outsiders or Brigade Giesing.

2023 Münchner Löwen as an umbrella Group stopped, because the Groups inside had internal problems.

Leonum is current one of the best German groups.



FC Bayern München

club & Town:
inhabitants: 1.500.000
federal state: Bavaria
current League: 1.Bundesliga
club members: 300.000
stadium: Allianz Arena (75.000 places)
stand: Südkurve München 72 (9.000 standing places)
colors: red-white


Schickeria München 2002, alarMstufe Rot 2007, Red Fanatic München 2008, Munich Red Pride, Colegio Sao Sebastiao, Munich Rebels, Seelandfront, Red Munichs (more passive today)

dissolved groups: Inferno Bavaria 2001, Munich Maniacs 1996 (not official dissolved)

Hools: Service Crew 1986 (Oldschool), Alles für München [together with 1860] (dissolved), München Rot Hooligans (2000ties active / dissolved), Isarsturm (2000-2017/18 active / today inactive/dissolved),  Tavernencrew München 2003, current active a group without a name

friends: Brotherhood Bayern -Bochum, Schickeria with friendships to Horda Azurro (Carl Zeiss Jena), Ultra Sankt Pauli (FC St. Pauli), Ultramarines Bordeaux (Girondis Bordeaux / France), Ultras Empoli (Empoli / Italy), Ultras Samb (Sambettenese Calcio / Italy), Tavernencrew to Bad Blue Boys (Zagreb / Croatia)
enemies: main enemy is 1860 München, others are Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Kaiserslautern, Dortmund, Gladbach, etc.


the biggest/most successful club in Germany by far.
Südkurve as a Stand was founded still in the old stadium (Olympia Stadium) by cawl Fanclubs.
First Ultra groups were Munich Maniacs 1996, later joined by Red Munichs.
2001 Inferno Bavaria started.
2002 the three groups collect their power in Schickeria München.
this new group grew rapidly, but also without any control. So, after an incident, where SM-Members attacked Buses of Nürnberg with glasses and a noninvolved woman lost an eye, they changed their member system and also took more a focus on politics.

So, Inferno Bavaria left the Schickeria and became a well-respected own group again, until they dissolved themselves 2016.
With the time new groups joined. The fan scene of Bayern had to survive much repression from the part of their own club, the police & the media. Sometimes they were nearly dead.
But today they became much stronger than they were in the past.

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