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The supporter culture in Portugal is different in many ways than that in the rest of Europe. For example, the large fanatical groups are more like the Barra Bravas in Argentina, with a lot of power within the club and the possibility to earn money from ticket sales, among other things. The leaders of these groups are often practically celebrities in the country. And none is more famous than Fernando Madureira, the Macaco Lider, of FC Porto’s Super Dragoes.

When we talk about a national celebrity, we are not exaggerating. Macaco Lider (the monkey leader), has a whopping 230,000 followers on Instagram (his wife has to make do with 40k and his daughter with 37k). Not exactly no face, no case.

Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa

The underlying reason for this actually becomes clear quite quickly when you scroll through Macaco’s account. Almost all of his recent posts are about one thing. Unconditional love and praise for the current president of FC Porto: Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa. Since April 1982 he has been the boss of the club and the longest-serving and most successful chairman in the entire football world. And a man who seems to be very good with the capo of the Super Dragoes. For example, for his 86th birthday at the end of last year, the supporters held a gigantic pyro show in the streets of Porto.

The reason for this is not too difficult to guess. Over the years, a certain understanding has developed between the president and the leader of the Super Dragoes. The supporters offer loyal support to the president and basically act as his army for people who want to criticize. In return, they get a lot of power within the club and the opportunity to bring in tons of money by selling tickets, merchandise and other (possibly illegal) stuff. A great deal for both sides.

André Villas Boas

So, what doesn’t fit into that deal is the interference of outsiders who want to disrupt the current order of power. And that is exactly what is going on. André Villas Boas, former coach of Tottenham Hotspur and FC Porto itself, has put himself forward as a candidate for the presidential elections in April of this year. The fact that Villas Boas can count on a lot of support causes anger among the Super Dragoes. Villas Boas does not intend to grant the same benefits to Macaco and his group.

All this exploded during the general assembly (in Portugal they also work with the socio system). The Super Dragoes decided to make it clear how they stand in the situation. Supporters with criticism are silenced, several fellow supporters who express support for André Villas Boas are threatened with death and there are several fights in the hall.

Tax evasion

Because of the threats and abuses at the general meeting as a direct cause, the police decide to raid the capo of FC Porto. Among other things, cocaine, 3 luxury cars, thousands of euros in cash, 1 firearm, pyro and match tickets were seized. In addition to Macaco himself, his wife, the SLO of FC Porto, a president of the club and several other members of the group are also arrested.

All are still in custody for the time being, and yesterday 100 ultras went to court to show support for their leader. Which now seems to be in serious trouble. Not only the abuse and threats seem to be a problem, but especially possible evasion by the tax authorities.

Officially, Macaco is unemployed, and his wife earns the minimum wage, but given his house in the expensive district of Porto and the thousands of euros in cash and luxury cars found, this story seems doubtful. Tax evasion can result in years in prison. Although in Portugal, where corruption is still a big problem, you never know. In any case, one thing is certain. FC Porto’s Super Dragoes are without their leader for the time being…



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